Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Megan Bornhorst: Zach, how many times do you NOT come back into the office because you forgot something?
Zach Borchers: Not many! It’s enough to be a Mindset.

You probably know the feeling: you walk out of the house or

Eric Kuck:
“Ah, so you’re sending us out into a ‘Kunk Window’?”

The weather is always a concern for our field survey crews. Not only do they find themselves randomly in rivers and [someday] hopefully in a helicopter, they

Brian Barhorst:
“New lighting or not, the surveyors always brighten our days.”

Remember how we had some new lights going in at our Sidney office? Well, when the lights went in over the survey crew’s area, they, like Casey,

Craig “Frizz” Frilling:
“Shoveling wore me out. Someone call 911.”
Aaron Plas:
“Frizz, you ARE 911!”

With the arrival of the snow storm last week, our surveyors had the opportunity to shovel the walks and dig out the survey trucks.

Brad Walterbusch:
“Does this count as standing?”

Remember how Kyle claimed he used his stand up desk “all them time?” Well, Brad captured photographic proof that Kyle’s data may be misrepresented.

Kyle had a reason for working like this, but

Luke Hemmelgarn:
“It’s not a purse. It’s a lunch bag.”


We have lots of folks who carry bags in and out of the office, but Luke’s pink fabric “lunch bag” did sort of stand out as an unusual accessory