Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Adam Gill:
“Luckily the ants are dumb enough to just fly right into it. It surprisingly works.”


Welcome to an installment of Choice Mindsets we’ll call “Choice One-genuity.” Because, hey, we’re engineers and we get really excited about fixing

Adam Gill:
“Check out the two dinosaurs out surveying in Russia.”

If you don’t recognize the two relics in the photo volunteering their time to provide field work for a new playground in Russia, Ohio, that’s Ryan Francis on the

Mitch Thobe:
“Kecia, your positive talk with the plant worked!”

We forget to water this lovely plant from time to time, and it droops sadly when it gets dry. Kecia, who claims skills as a positive plant talking specialist, volunteered

Matt Hoying:
“The many uses of a Choice One pen.”

It’s been man versus chipmunk this past week in our Sidney office. Home for the summer, our favorite Spanish basketball star Ryan Bruns has been playing Wile E. Coyote to

Kyle “Sports” Siegrist (Designer and Sports Analyst for the Sports for Choice One’s Sports):
“My favorite sports player right now would be the lead sporter on the sports team owned by the sports owner who doesn’t play sports.”

While Kyle