Get to the Chopper!

Get to the Chopper!

Eric Kuck:
“At least their company gets them a helicopter…”

Sometimes, these Mindsets just write themselves, no enhancements needed:

Mitch Thobe: Our surveyors should be glad they only have to fight through densely wooded properties or wade into rivers to collect survey data. A firm I know of in Alaska has to take a helicopter to survey certain rough terrains.
Matt Hoying: I don’t know, I would much rather topo in Alaskan snow on a glacier than in a dense woods.
Eric Kuck: At least their company gets them a helicopter…

It would be nice to have a survey helicopter, Eric. In addition to getting tricky shots like ones in the middle of a river, we could monitor traffic situations from the air (although we would run the risk of Craig Eley running the helicopter out of fuel watching roundabouts function). And we could get plans delivered without green flashing lights… although flashing lights are still pretty cool. But until we find a pilot–unanimously NOT Ryan Francis–you’ll just have to keep putting on your hip-waders and driving good old-fashioned wheeled vehicles!

P.S. If you know someone who would fit in with our loveable, hard-working survey crew, we’re looking for a field surveyor out of our Loveland office. Eric already spilled the beans that we don’t have a helicopter, but we do have… cool trucks. Check out the position here. Not sure what a surveyor does? Watch this short video to learn about Choice One’s crews.