Flowers? For Me?

Flowers? For Me?

“I told her not to this year.”
– Jeff Kunk


Did you get flowers for your last birthday? Neither did Jeff Kunk. He got flowers for this last TWO birthdays.

Jeff may sound lucky, but as evidenced by his comment above, having good fortune while at Choice One rarely pays off. For instance, should a young man here get engaged to be married, he will promptly be teased about the “mistake” he’s just made. Any kind of cash award (a door prize, an NCAA bracket pool win, etc.) means buying lunch for everyone else, which is AWESOME when you’ve won $20 and the pizza costs $70. First paycheck? Doughnuts. And that beautifully-wrapped Christmas gift with your name on it? Probably a box full of good-natured harassment.

Jeff Kunk probably is pretty lucky–he has a wife who thinks enough of him to send him flowers for his birthday two years straight. Yet we will all assume the truth: she’s just helping the rest of us give him crap for turning 29.  AGAIN.