Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

The First Annual ONEsie Awards:
“Couldn’t Break a Habit: Brian Goubeaux”

It’s New Year’s Eve, and if you’re working today, you might be looking for some kind of distraction. So, here you go.

This year, Choice One celebrated the end of 2021 with some unique “awards” acknowledging the laughs we’ve had over the past 12 months. One honorable mention was a goof from a Choice One company meeting quiz, as Brian Goubeaux just couldn’t help but identify himself. Other “winners” included the rookie mistake of getting locked out on the fenced patio, getting trucks stuck in the mud, and general embarrassments like falling down or getting repeatedly scared.

Speaking of getting scared, the ONEsie of the Year went to our official social media team and unofficial office scare team of Brittany, Megan, and Sammy, who collaborated for the delightful Choice One Scare-tober video. Congrats, ladies—we hope you were the ones surprised this time!

Happy New Year all. Now back to work!

Caray Schmiesing:
“Alright, I’m thinking too hard. I need to get back to work.”

As the year comes to a close, our Controller Caray is working hard to close out the books on 2021. So it’s understandable that sometimes she works hard enough to lose her thinking just a little bit. Which makes us wonder… is she excited or stressed in this Choice One group Christmas photo? (Considering she’s surrounded by the rest of us goofballs, we’re voting “stressed.”)


Looking back over the year, 2021 has been an enjoyable one for Choice One. We welcomed seven new people into the Choice One group of goofballs (poor saps), celebrated the retirement of our long-time resident project representative Mike Sovinski, and made sure Jeff Puthoff felt another year older. We welcomed four Choice One babies (with nine more on the way!), ate hundreds of slices of pizza, Skyline cheese coneys, and doughnuts, and hopefully made you chuckle a time or two with 24 of these Mindsets.


As we wrap up the year, we would be remiss if we didn’t wish you glad tidings of the season. We hope you are able to spend some time this holiday season enjoying the fruits of both your hard thinking and your hard work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Choice One Engineering!

Paul Coors, Ryan Homes:
“Choice One sponsored horse?”


We have to admit, the horse our friend Paul spotted at Keeneland Raceway sure does look to be branded by Choice One. Alas, we are not in the horse-racing business. But if we were, we’d have to somehow buy the rights to this jockey’s silks.


The owner of this horse was probably hoping for a sure bet when he put something darn close to the Choice One logo on his mount. But this horse, named Voodoo Loa, didn’t win—she was a 30-1 longshot that came in dead last—making her and her jockey possibly the only thing that doesn’t get more awesome dressed in purple and green. Guess the Choice One logo empowers engineers, surveyors, and landscape architects and not thoroughbreds.


We appreciate that you see purple and green and think Choice One, Paul. The folks at Choice One are generally pretty sporty, so associating purple and green with a race winner seems like a sure bet. This time, however, the speed of purple and green was a little more Jeff Puthoff than Mitch Thobe.

Casey Reichert:
“Um, I think I’m getting a sunburn.”


As we move out of Daylight Saving Time and things just feel… darker, we’ve tried to infuse some extra brightness into the Choice One office. No, we haven’t put on fluorescent spandex again (thankfully!), we removed the diffusing panels from some light fixtures. Apparently the initial shock of the fresh lighting was just a little too much for Casey.


We try to keep our offices “light” in many ways. In addition to adding brighter bulbs, we make embarrassing videos, laugh at each other’s harmless mistakes (until the Governor calls), and jab each other endlessly… and publicly. And while it’s ALWAYS dark when Jeff Puthoff shows up at the office at 5:00am, we’ll keep flipping on the lights, cranking out some engineering design, and saying enough ridiculous things to make each other (and you) chuckle from time to time.


Hope this Mindset has made your Friday brighter. Not painfully brighter (like Casey), but brighter nonetheless!

Nick Selhorst:
“Buckets are here!”

Our Loveland Choice One Charity Cup is back, and Nick Selhorst couldn’t be more excited! He also couldn’t be more efficient, as he clearly didn’t want to make more than one trip to his car to haul in all the buckets needed to play our annual Charity Cup Bucketball Tournament.


The only thing more impressive than Nick’s giant stack of buckets? The generosity of our clients and friends, who donated over $19,450 to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank. Wow! We can’t even think of words to describe our appreciation except THANK YOU! We continue to be blown away by the support and kindness of our friends who support this great cause. (And “blown away” is better than “blown over” in Nick’s bucket-carrying case, for sure!)


Believe it or not, despite Nick’s typical clumsiness, no buckets were dropped in the making of this Mindset. Nick’s luck did run out, however. The winner of the 2021 Loveland Charity Cup was not Nick’s team, but rather the team from CTL Engineering (l-r Dave Rowland, Doug Batt, COEC’s Jacqui Lohman, and Billy Tegge). Congrats to CTL and thanks again to all who participated!

Kaye Borchers:
“Why would you not drink coffee? These are the deep questions of life, Matt.”

If you know Choice One’s Matt Hoying and you think he’s a decent guy, your mind is about to be changed. He doesn’t like coffee. And not only does he not personally like coffee, he doesn’t even try to understand the deep love some of us have for hot bean water. And yet… and yet, behold the glorious coffee order received recently at Choice One’s Sidney office, beautifully built into a breakfast-blend box fort as modeled by Brittany Clinehens.


The Choice One relationship with coffee (despite Matt’s best efforts) has strengthened mightily over the years. From the introduction of afternoon coffee by Nick Selhorst (why it took us so long we’re not sure) to the eventual installation of a direct water feed coffee system (and Tony’s delightful frustration during said installation), most of us at Choice One enjoy a cup or six of coffee each day. Indeed, Nick Selhorst can’t even talk without it.


Sorry Matt, you can’t deny that Choice One is largely fueled by coffee. We love our cups of joe and will physically build fortifications to defend its existence and influence on our work. When you’re ready to come over to the dark [roast] side, the rest of us will welcome you with cappuccin-open arms.