Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Nick Selhorst:
“Billy Highfill with Deerfield Township told Dane that he looks like Tom Brady. Dane was quite flattered, but I don’t see it.”
Thanks a lot Billy. You just inflated Dane’s head as quickly as New England Patriot’s QB

Matt Hoying:
“You’re planning on flying the whole company over to Spain for Christmas, right Ryan?”


Believe it or not, the routinely clumsy, ungraceful folks at Choice One have a legit professional athlete in our midst. Recent Ohio Northern

Chris Fluegeman:
“I studied detention a lot in school. I was detained after school and released slowly.”

In the engineering world, we often talk about the detention and retention of storm water (typically in manmade basins), and it’s easy to

Wes Goubeaux:
“Destroyed with water leak.”

Remember when Megan gave us all hugs for Christmas in 2013? Well, Wes’s coupon was ruined in a recent water leak. A HUGE disappointment for Wes, we’re sure.

Thankfully, other than the coupon, there

Michael Kunzi:
“I opened the photo. I comprehended the photo. And I was still fooled. Am I that dumb?”

New employee Michael* Kunzi, or just “Kunzi” as we call him, was tricked into helping move a box that Megan was