Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Dane Sommer:
“Roundabouts are poetic.”


Roses are red,
Choice One wears green.
When roundabouts are the topic here,
You won’t get a word between.

They talk of deflection,
Angle of entry and yield.
The enhancement of safety,
Traffic congestion

Dan Perreira:
“Justin, since it’s hot, I’ll let you have one of the A/C vents in the truck today.”


If you’ve been inside an air-conditioned building this past week, you probably didn’t mind that it was hot and humid.

Casey Reichert:
“This is not how I thought my modeling career would go.”


Casey was recently asked to model something really glamorous: sanitary sewer. We tried to tell her how thrilling it would be—the effluent! the manholes! the

Kristi Moorman:
“It looks like they’re playing Battleship.”

If you want to see intense engineers, have them try to access the same Excel spreadsheet at the same time while the whole company waits, staring. Then make that situation even more

Craig Eley:
“I feel like a Transformer.”

We got a new fridge in our Sidney office, and that meant the old fridge went to live elsewhere. Craig Eley, “helping” with the move, just sort of wandered around holding the freezer

Brittany Clinehens:
“Is no one working today?”


Choice One’s Sidney office was out of power first thing one morning this week, and although the early birds in the office sent around a message that the office was dark, Brittany