Let us help you stake out the perfect property. Our survey team is fast, accurate, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your survey, construction layout staking, annexation, etc., is done completely and professionally. Whether you are looking to build a fence, build a road, or plot a subdivision, our surveyors will brave the heat, the cold, and dense underbrush (with minimal complaining!) to meet your needs.

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Survey DOT Prequalifications:

ODOT – Right-of-Way Plan Development – Limited

ODOT – Right-of-Way Plan Development – Complex

INDOT – 6.1 Topographic Survey Data Collection

INDOT – 11.1 Right-of-Way Plan Development

We provide surveying services for public and private clients as follows:


Earthwork Analysis:

Field survey and calculation of the volume of earth in a specified area to determine the amount of fill needed or removed to properly build on or grade a site for development or effective drainage.


Easement Preparation:

Collection of field survey information and development of exhibits and legal descriptions to allow the right to cross another’s land for a specified purpose; typically created for property access or utility installation.


Subdivision Plats:

Land survey and development of associated Plat(s)/legal description(s) with the purpose of subdividing a parcel of land into two or more parcels.


Route Surveys:

Collection of data along a route, typically a roadway or easement, for the purpose of identifying features.


Boundary Surveys:

Field survey and calculation of information to determine property lines based on existing boundary monuments, deeds, and surveys of record.


Topographic Surveys:

Collection of data to identify elevations, physical features, and existing facilities within project limits.


Construction Layout Staking:

Field identification and marking of elevations, locations, and routes, marked with wooden stakes, for construction of roadways, foundations, utilities, etc.


Right-of-way Design, Surveys, and Plans:

Collection of field survey and existing property information and development of plans, exhibits and legal descriptions to allow for the acquisition of property rights; typically created for roadway and/or sidewalk construction.


ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys:

Collection of field survey information and development of documentation to be used by a title insuring agency for purposes of insuring a title to the real property; typically required for commercial real estate transactions.


Annexation Plats:

Land survey and development of associated exhibit/legal description(s) with the purpose of incorporating into a jurisdiction.


Drone Surveying:

Choice One offers licensed drone survey technology with efficiency and accuracy for various types of surveys where the environment and conditions are appropriate and where local law allows.

“From conception to completion of any type of project, Choice One has provided us with exceptional, professional expertise. Whether boundary or topographic survey, site or septic design, your employees are always willing to take on the challenge that we want to achieve.”

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