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Two words can strike fear into the hearts of a homeowner, business owner, and municipal staff member: sewage backup. We help our clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their existing collection system (or understand the components of a new system), plan for the future of their system, and repair and replace sanitary sewage collection components to help keep the words “sewage” and “backup” out of the same sentence.

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We provide sanitary sewer system design for private and public clients as follows:


Feasibility Study:

  • Analyze existing site conditions and provide a report describing the affordability and constructability of possible collection and treatment system options for municipality or private clients.
  • The report will include a summary, background information, collection and treatment system layout exhibits for each option, construction estimates for each option, conclusion of the recommended collection and treatment options as well as possible funding options.


  • Field locate existing sanitary sewer system infrastructure (manholes, pump stations, grinder pumps, vacuum pits, forcemain valves, sewer outfalls) and determine the top, invert and location of the structure.
  • Determine the structure depth and pipe invert elevations relative to the top of structure, as well as pipe size and flow direction.
  • Create exhibits illustrating the entire sanitary sewer system layout as well as infrastructure inventory documents.

Small Wastewater Treatment System Design:

  • Prepare plans and EPA applications for general NPDES permits for systems discharging less than 25,000 gallons per day.
  • Provide construction plans for sanitary sewer treatment system component replacement or addition. For example: sand filters, disinfection, equalization basin.

Standard Construction Drawings:

  • Create and/or update standard construction drawings that describe/illustrate the infrastructure(material) and/or work of a sanitary sewer collection and treatment system. The standards will be based on current technology along with EPA and client regulations.

Pump Station Design, Analysis, and Rehabilitation:

  • Flow determination, wet well sizing, control panel layout, valve vault layout, air release valve locations, and forcemain sizing for municipal or commercial construction.

Grinder Pump Station Design:

  • Flow determination, grinder pump basin sizing, pump sizing, electrical service sizing, control panel layout and forcemain sizing for municipal or commercial construction.

Onsite Sewage Treatment System Design:

  • Provide construction plans that follow the EPA or local county health department standards, and prepare applications for commercial sewage treatment systems or holding tanks.

Inflow and Infiltration Analysis:

  • Perform flow monitoring, smoke testing, dye testing and door to door investigations to identify sources of ground water entering a system.

Existing Collection System Rehabilitation:

  • Prepare manhole lining and/or pipe slip-lining construction plans and specifications.

Gravity Sewer Collection System:

  • Sewer main sizing, sewer main layout, manhole layout, and lateral layout. All designed are based on the EPA’s 10 State Standards.

Sewer System Modeling:

  • Collect asset information (field work or GIS).
  • Calibrate model using flow meter and local/national weather service rainfall data.
  • Refine/validate/update previous sewer models.
  • Model the sewer system using Sewer Cad software.
  • Identify/analyze existing and future sewer system capacity availability/limitations.
  • Provide a detailed report presenting the results and improvement recommendations.
  • Provide budgetary costs for future project planning.

“Choice One Engineering has always produced high quality plans at economical fees. Change orders have always been minimal and we have attributed this to their superior plan quality and consistent design team. During our interceptor and 24” forcemain project, they were able to keep our existing facilities in operation and still allow for an effective and efficient construction process.”

Don Harrod, Village Administrator

Village of Minster, Ohio


Kettlersville Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Village of Kettlersville, Ohio

After initial investigations by the Village of Kettlersville, the County and Sewer District considered providing sewer to the Village. Once the EPA and USDA approved a Preliminary Engineering Report and Construction Plans prepared by Choice One Engineering, the project was bid and constructed. This project consisted of the design of sanitary sewer for 175 residents, and included 4 miles of forcemain, 4,800 feet of sewer pipe, 1,700 feet of laterals, and numerous associated structures. The Village used a combination of an EPA design loan, USDA Rural Development funding, OPWC funds, CDBG grants, and local dollars to fund the project.

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