Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Kyle “Sports” Siegrist (Designer and Sports Analyst for the Sports for Choice One’s Sports):
“My favorite sports player right now would be the lead sporter on the sports team owned by the sports owner who doesn’t play sports.”

While Kyle

Brian Barhorst:
“I can’t believe you didn’t have a tiny pocket sewn on.”

We can all agree that Jeff Puthoff looks great in his new Choice One mask (fashioned from an old shirt). We’ll keep to ourselves as to whether

Megan Bornhorst:
“It’s no surprise that Skyline has recognized the power of green.”
Sure, you say, the “Green Way” is Skyline Chili’s marketing strategy for St. Patrick’s Day. But we would speculate that this Loveland-area Skyline location maaaaaaybe created the

Kyle Siegrist, Gameshow Host:
“Which employee’s spouse is cooler than the employee?”
Yep, this is proof that there’s just one person cooler than Kaye in this world, and it’s her husband. And based on the number of responses to this