Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Erin Harris, City of Beavercreek Parks:
“Do you think the killer whale fits with our tradition being a marine animal and all?”

For the past four years, Kaye has teamed up with Erin from Beavercreek at the annual Ohio Parks

Eric Kuck:
“We found this postcard in the binder of hotel information. We HAD to send it.”

It was just an ordinary Thursday afternoon at Choice One , and suddenly, out of the green, a thrilling piece of correspondence arrived

Inquiring Mindsets want to know:
“What funny/silly terms have you heard for civil engineering structures or concepts?”

 Jeff Puthoff, Project Manager
“My wife calls each leg of a cloverleaf interchange a ‘loop-ty loo.’ As in ‘The GPS says to take

Nick Selhorst:
“I’m thankful I didn’t have to wear a bathrobe for the Christmas card this year.”

As 2019 wraps up, we at Choice One have been reflecting on what we are grateful for, including our families, friends, and the

Holly Fannon:
“Please don’t make Caray cuss. She wants to get to heaven someday.”

She may look cheery in the photo at right, but imagine a blunt object in Choice One controller Caray’s hand and that image feels a little