Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Josh Craig:
“This is how we know it’s winter in Loveland.”

If you haven’t heard, it’s cold outside. Just ask the perpetually-freezing Mike Goettemoeller, who wears a fleece jacket even in July.

There’s a few other ways we know its …

“I don’t know the guy who’s playing Cousin Eddie, but he’s dead on.”


Put engineer Nick Selhorst in a bathrobe, and we have a Christmas sensation!

After sending out our 2017 Christmas card (you can check out the …

Michael Seeger:
“Soooo…. which photo has the faces swapped and which is the original?”


Ever dreamed of being an engineer at Choice One? (Wait, that’s not on your bucket list?) Well, our friend Josh Turton, with Redi-Rock, clearly …

Mike Goettemoeller:
“Thanksgiving is a compilation of my favorite hobbies: playing cards, eating food, drinking beer, taking naps, and watching football.”


Gobble gobble! Choice One’s offices are closed today, but it’s not due just to a Thanksgiving-induced food coma. …

Nick Selhorst: “The only bad thing that happened last night was Bertke’s team won.”

Charity Cup Glory


In his 11 years at Choice One, professional surveyor Allen Bertke has been on the winning side of three Charity Cups (2008, …

Troy Niese:
“I’m in the market for a nickname… every time someone talks about the City of Troy, I answer.”
Design engineer Troy Niese joined the Choice One crew in June 2017. Since that time, we’ve been confusing him (probably