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Got a low point that you can’t cross? Let the engineers at Choice One provide you a bridge to success! (Ok, we’re done with the puns now…) Whether it’s for a public/private roadway or recreational bikeway, our team of experts can take you from a napkin sketch to construction plans with ease.

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Bridge Prequalifications:

ODOT – Level 1.1/1.2 Bridge Design

Our Bridge Design Types Include:


Concrete Slab Bridge:

  • Bridge decks constructed of reinforced concrete poured on-site.
  • Single, double, triple spans

Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridges:

  • Built for public/private roadways and driveways to handle all legal traffic loads.
  • Single, double, triple spans

Bikeway/Pedestrian Bridges:

  • Built for use by pedestrians and/or bicycles, typically incorporated in bike paths, trails, or in parks.

Box Culverts:

  • Four-sided, precast, concrete structure with headwall and wingwalls.
  • Installed perpendicular or skewed.

Three-Sided Culverts:

  • Flat top or arch, precast, concrete structure with headwall and wingwalls.
  • Installed perpendicular or skewed.

Low Flow Crossings:

  • Built for low flow stream crossing applications (residential driveways, park entrances, etc.).

Additional Bridge Services:


Bridge Hydraulic and Scour Analysis:

  • Determination of how much water can flow through the bridge opening as well as the impacts fast moving water has on the surrounding embankment at the bridge.

Structure Type Study:

  • Determining the best structure alternative for a water crossing based on surrounding impact, constructability, hydraulic analysis, and cost.

FEMA Floodplain Analysis and Permitting:

  • Create a computer-generated model establishing the current flood elevation of an existing water crossing.
  • Re-run the computer-generated model with additional fill from a proposed structure to verify its floodplain impacts.
  • Prepare a report with the model results illustrating the impacts of a proposed structure and which alternative is the best choice.

Army Corps. of Engineers Permitting:

  • Preparation and submittal of the Army Corps. of Engineers application forms for the project that impact ACOE recognized navigable waters.

“One of Choice One’s most noteworthy qualities is their willingness to stand behind their work, admit mistakes, and perform with upright honesty. Furthermore, they are experienced when it comes to working with contractors, know the ins and outs of the construction process, and have excellent rapport with regulatory agencies such as ODOT and the Ohio EPA.”

John Wright, Former City Manager

City of Brookville


Lost Creek-Road Bridge Replacement

Miami County, Ohio

A 121’-8” three-span steel beam with concrete deck bridge on concrete/stone abutments built-in 1962 carrying Knoop Road over Lost Creek was replaced with a 124’-6” two-span prestressed concrete box beam bridge on concrete abutments/pier. The bridge was widened from 24’-0” face of guardrail to face of guardrail to 32’-0”.

More Bridge Design Projects

Farrington Reserve Low Flow Crossing


Miami County Park District


Loveland Bike/Pedestrian Bridge


Loveland, Ohio


Dawson Road Bridge/Culvert


Cynthian Township
Shelby County, Ohio


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