On the Double

On the Double

Brittany Clinehens:
“You can never have too much Caray!”

While adding a new employee to the website (side note: meet land surveyor Chris, pictured lower-right above), we accidentally doubled Choice One Controller Caray Schmiesing’s website profile. Perhaps we can fool people into thinking we now have a legit set of clones? Indeed, double or triple names are nothing new around here.

If we’re going to double anyone here, doubling Caray would be a great idea. As the company’s controller, Caray processes payroll, pays the bills, and makes sure our accounting is spot on. Yet this wouldn’t be the first attempt at doubling a Choice Oner. We have already covered how two Kayes are better than one. And we did once consider cloning Jeff Puthoff, but then realized all that would get us is a 90s mullet* and awkward clown feet.

It’s no surprise that Brittany doesn’t mind double the Caray, double the fun. Whether she’s double-checking the payroll or simply doubling her smile on our website, the more Caray the better! And now we finally understand why she needs her van jump-started TWICE every time she leaves the lights on.

*This week we started celebrating 25 years of Choice One fun! That means we can wish Jeff Puthoff a happy anniversary of cutting his mullet when Choice One was founded.