Lift on Three

Lift on Three

“How many green shirts does it take to move one desk?”

– Megan Bornhorst

Believe it or not, it’s getting greener around here. Over the past week, the Sidney office has been repainted. You will no doubt be shocked to hear the new paint is blue and orange.

Just kidding, it’s all painted the best colors in the world: purple and green.

Having Brian Barhorst boss us all around (just like every other day…) to get stuff out of the way to paint means a lot of heavy lifting. Since some of the weak, er, “lucky” ones are able to observe (we know Brittany and Kaye can’t successfully lift something together), we have compiled the following:

  • At five, Tony’s desk (pictured) requires the most green shirts to move. Note that Tony is not one of the five. Coincidental? We think not. (Hey, he built that desk, so he knows how heavy it is.)
  • There’s been surprisingly little bellyaching. Until the heavy desk is actually in the air. And Ryan Lefeld has the heavy end.
  • It takes a lot of cooperation, coordination, and timing to make a challenging task go smoothly. And since no one’s developed a hernia yet, we must have that part down.

Based on Mitch’s grimace (far right, above), we’re glad that the painting is completed and are enjoying the finished product. But don’t tell the guys–they have to move it all again (twice!) when the new carpet comes next week.