Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

“I told her not to this year.”
– Jeff Kunk


Did you get flowers for your last birthday? Neither did Jeff Kunk. He got flowers for this last TWO birthdays.


Jeff may sound lucky, but as evidenced by

“You guys apparently only hire people with certain names: Nick, Jeff, Dan, Ryan, Brian, Allan, and Michael.”

– Douglass Degen, Drainage Engineer, Allen County Engineering

Indeed, Mr. Degen, indeed.

Of our 30 employees, 46% of them have the same name …

“You can’t tell he’s bald in this picture though.”
– Jeff Puthoff

While making edits to a Statement of Qualifications, Jeff Puthoff made a “polite” observation of Wes’s head shot. I guess this balances out Jeff calling Wes smart AND

Kaye:  “Andy, can you give me a report on snow and road conditions? I am driving to Dayton later.”

Andy:  “Yes. Hopefully my report’s not from the ditch. Because that means the roads are bad.”


So we probably don’t have …

“What’s the video camera for, Barney? Recording how awesome you are?”

– Brittany Clinehens


Ah, to live a day in the life of Brian “Barney” Barhorst, one of our lead designers–stocking the canteen, baking cookies for the Loveland office, …

“Can I get a gift receipt for this, Megan? I’d like to return it.”

– Wes Goubeaux

This year, during the Choice One Engineering Christmas party, we were all so fortunate to receive the gift voucher above. Since we all