Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

“I’m not grumpy, I’m busy.”
– Brittany Clinehens

Sometimes, when we’re overwhelmed with work, personal matters, or whatever, it’s easy to focus on the task at hand or our own issues and become short or snappy with those around us. That’s not all bad–focusing on an engineer’s estimate that needs sent out ASAP rather than chatting about last night’s football game is sometimes very useful and often downright necessary.

Still, here at Choice One, we try not to let focus and determination override our efforts to be courteous and patient with our fellow humans. Not only will we be labeled grumps (or worse!), but we probably won’t make (or keep) many friends, either.

“The only reason you beat me at ping-pong is because you have long, goofy arms.”
– Andy Shuman

Yeah, so Kaye is tall and rather ungraceful, and that lends itself to having long, goofy limbs, as Andy lovingly pointed out. But you know what? Having long, goofy limbs not only allows Kaye to beat her coworkers at ping-pong, but it allows her to reach things on high shelves, pile on the mushrooms that are WAY in the back at the salad bar, and pull a lot of change from behind the couch.

Since we’re all a little goofy here at Choice One, we try to avoid looking at our oddities as negatives. Something that makes us unique makes us stand out; our attitude towards our differences and how we use that distinctiveness determines whether we perceive it as “long and goofy,” or “useful and agile.”