Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Brian “Goub” Goubeaux: “No, I didn’t have one. Only Barney was allowed to get one.”

Recognize the instrument in the photo above? Neither did our newest AutoCAD technician and 2022 high school graduate Aiden Helman. It’s a design relic from

Jeff Kunk: “Doughnuts up front for the Sidney folks.”
Kyle Siegrist: “Who would have thought the world would end on such a high note?”

Are you sitting down? If not, you might want to. Right now, before you read this

Kaye Borchers:
“Bruce, we gave you red so you can spill ketchup and no one will ever know.”

Last week was the annual Sidney Choice One Charity Cup featuring friendly competition amongst our clients and friends. Jackson Center’s Bruce Metz

Megan Bornhorst: Zach, how many times do you NOT come back into the office because you forgot something?
Zach Borchers: Not many! It’s enough to be a Mindset.

You probably know the feeling: you walk out of the house or

Eric Kuck:
“Ah, so you’re sending us out into a ‘Kunk Window’?”

The weather is always a concern for our field survey crews. Not only do they find themselves randomly in rivers and [someday] hopefully in a helicopter, they