Storm Water

Waterlogged? Let Choice One help you sort out your site’s or roadway’s drainage/flooding issues, manage storm water in your municipality, and help you understand what the heck a rainfall event is, be it 1 year or 100 years.

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We provide storm water analysis and design for private and public clients as follows:


Hydrologic Analysis/Modeling:

Understand/analyze how water (and how much water) moves across land.


Hydraulic Analysis/Modeling:

Understand/analyze how water moves through pipes, streams, channels.


Hydraulic Design:

Pipes, ponds, channels, etc., for the movement of water.


Detention/Retention Design:

Systems used to manage water during larger rainfall events.


Drainage Design:

Managing runoff in a watershed or on a site to avoid adversely affecting a specific area (causing it to flood).


Municipal Storm Water Management:

Managing a municipality’s network of storm water piping in coordination with said piping, detention/retention ponds, etc. to prevent flooding in the municipal watershed(s).


Watershed Management:

Managing runoff in a watershed to avoid adversely affecting a specific area (causing it to flood).


Storm Drainage Reports and Studies:

Studying watersheds and storm water piping to prevent flooding, or finding solutions to mitigate flooding issues.


Floodplain Analysis:

Analyzing floodplains/floodways for municipalities and developers to determine flood elevations and the possible effects of new development.


FEMA Permitting:

Permit applications for CLOMA, CLOMR, LOMA, LOMR, etc. for existing conditions or proposed construction located in FEMA regulated floodplain/floodway.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP):

A plan prepared for the management of storm water runoff on a site during construction, and the prevention of the movement of sediment off the construction site.

“I’ve been building public projects for thirty years. So I know how exceedingly rare it is to get defect-free plans. But Choice One Engineering does this routinely. Great plans make great projects. You and your fine staff should be proud.”

Vic Roberts, President

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Combined Sewer Separation

Fort Recovery, Ohio

This project addressed the separation of combined sewer in the Village of Fort Recovery, located in Mercer County, Ohio, over two phases. Phase I of the project involved the separation of the combined storm/sanitary sewer by installing 5,300 feet of new storm sewer and 11,000 feet of new sanitary sewer, as well as the complete reconstruction of Wayne Street and Elm Street (which included water main replacement), as well as sanitary improvements to Wiggs, Caldwell, and Butler Streets. Phase II included approximately 4,500 feet of storm sewer, 18,000 feet of sanitary sewer, 35 catch basins, and 60 manholes.

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