Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Tony: “A ‘blip’? Are you sure it’s not a ‘blimp’? You know, like the Goodyear Blimp.”

Kaye: “It’s definitely not a ‘blimp.’ What if it was the Hindenburg and came crashing down?”

Tony: “Well, that’s why you want to watch

“Kaye, get back here, we’ve got a Mindset for you.”
– Various

Dear family and friends,

Happy holidays! As the year ends, we just wanted to send a letter telling you all how things have been going in the Choice …

“Matt, in the mullet of Choice One, you’re the business in the front and I’m the party in the back.”
-Kaye Borchers


…and apparently, the “Mullet of Choice One” is an unnatural shade of coppery polyester.

If you haven’t …

“Write that down, Kaye. Puthoff called me both “skinny” and “smart” in the same week.”
– Wes Goubeaux

Geez, the compliments are flying around here.

Since Jeff Puthoff told Wes he was skinny and smart, might as well throw in …


Well, we do probably fit the roles of sheep or donkeys more than wise men or angels…

As the the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, the focus often shifts to turkey eating, tree decorating, and cookie eating. (Steve and …

“Geez, if Ross wants to stop working here, he doesn’t need to eat suicide wings. He could just quit.”
– Brittany Clinehens


Ross, Eric, and Jeff North were out in Indiana surveying for a new project a few weeks …