Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Adam Gill:
“I’ll take the Mario and Luigi costumes…”

…because who doesn’t want to be a classic video game superstar for a day?

Once in a while we have to straighten up a supply closet or clean up around the

Megan Bornhorst:
“I ❤ MJH *Try really hard not to punch him.”

Megan once used this physical note to reminder herself that “MJH” (Matt Hoying) is still loveable, even when teases her about things like using paper to go paperless. …

Zach Borchers:
“Once you do it once, you’re the expert.”

We have a joke here at Choice One that if you do something well on your first try, you are the official company expert. So when Zach did a fine

Inquiring Mindsets:
What was a memorable summer vacation for you?

It’s that time of year when Brian Barhorst takes his summer vacation to spend his Canteen earnings. So we wondered: what memories have other Choice Oners made on summer vacations?

Lexy Yohey:
“I don’t think that is how a keyboard works.”

Is Loveland survey coordinator Jesse Waggoner cleaning out his keyboard? Banging his head against it? Hoping he can use mind power to make words appear on the screen? We’re