Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Brittany Clinehens:
“Is no one working today?”


Choice One’s Sidney office was out of power first thing one morning this week, and although the early birds in the office sent around a message that the office was dark, Brittany

Wes Wolters
“I left my calculator in the fridge again this morning.”

Boy, that’s the worst. You have a big day of engineering in front of you, and it hits you: you forgot your calculator in the fridge. Rats! Wes

Brittany Clinehens:
“How do you adjust signal timings?”

Craig Eley:
“We have special tools: we’re traffic engineers.”



We all know by now that traffic engineers are pretty much superheroes. But now we have learned that not only

Megan Bornhorst:
“Sammy? That’s A LOT of boxes!”


What’s with all the boxes? Charity Cup, that’s what! And thanks to our clients and friends, we raised over $8,000 for the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association and Ronald McDonald House

Matt Hoying:
I just caught Sammy in her “work” mittens.

It’s not that we try to keep it cold at Choice One. It just… happens.


There are benefits to a cold office. First, we keep our field surveyors

Kyle Siegrist:
“Yes, I do keep a chart of when I stand up and sit down at my adjustable desk.”


Why Kyle keeps track of the number of times he stands at his current adjustable-height desk is a murky,