Roadway Design

Going somewhere? Roadways are vital to economic growth and sustainability, connecting communities to one another, and allowing people to safely and efficiently travel as they please. Our approach takes safety, cost containment, maintenance of traffic, and construction methods and timelines into account, and keeps them at the forefront. Plus, we know your schedule is critical: we don’t miss deadlines.

Roadway DOT Prequalifications:

ODOT – Non-Complex Roadway Design

ODOT – Complex Roadway Design

ODOT – Complex Highway Lighting Design

ODOT – Limited Highway Lighting Design

INDOT – 8.1 Non-Complex Roadway Design

INDOT – Lighting Design

We provide design for new roadway construction and roadway reconstruction for public and private clients as follows:


New Roadway:

Roadway design across undeveloped areas or roadway extensions.


Signing and Pavement Markings:

Design and specifications for DOT approved/appropriate signage improvements and installation, as well as pavement marking improvement and installation.


Maintenance of Traffic:

Determination of the ideal detour/closure process for a roadway improvement project, including cost comparisons of detours versus closures, detailed MOT plans, detour route determination, and optimal construction conditions for safety and efficiency.


Pavement Evaluation:

Thorough evaluation of asphalt/concrete pavements, sidewalks, etc., along a specified route or in a particular jurisdiction or area, and compilation of this information in a database to help determine highest priority repair/ replacement locations, coupled with the specific goals of the jurisdiction and available funding.


Roadway Reconstruction:

Roadway reconstruction design including full-depth, partial depth, overlay, and everything in between, including public and private underground utilities, sidewalks, lighting, traffic signals, etc.


Utility Design and Relocation:

Design focused on reconstruction or relocation of sanitary sewer and water distribution utilities located in or near a roadway in conjunction with the roadway’s reconstruction.



Design of streetscape-style reconstruction or new construction, including paver surfaces, decorative lighting, utilities, traffic signals, decorative furniture, and street trees.


Construction Administration/Observation:

On-site personnel focused on observing construction methods and installation. Administration of payment applications, disbursements, change orders, and punch lists. Interpretation of plans for contractor and/or client during construction.


Agency Permits:

Permit application to the state EPA, DOT, or local agency for the installation of utilities within the roadway, as well as permits required for crossing/altering roadways on the Federal-Aid system that may affect an environmental component.


Drainage and Storm Water Facilities:

Design focused on reconstruction relocation and/or improvement of storm sewer facilities located in or near a roadway in conjunction with the roadway’s reconstruction/improvement.


Intersection Upgrades:

Design focused on upgrading existing intersections to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety and efficiency.


Traffic Studies and Engineering:

Traffic services including Traffic Impact Studies, Safety Studies, and Speed Studies. We also provide Traffic Signal and System Design, Sign Maintenance and more. Learn more about our Traffic Services.



Design focused on new, or upgrading existing standard roadway lighting. We also can provide our clients with appealing decorative lighting options. Our focus is to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety on Ohio’s roadways and in Municipalities.

“Choice One was easy to work with and included the Village in every step of the design process. The result of their hard work is very evident in the design of the project, and we have fielded countless positive comments about the design and look of the street from residents and visitors alike.”

Jim Meyer, Special Projects Manager

Village of Ada


City of Tipp City, Ohio

Downtown Utilities and Streetscapes

This project consisted of approximately 2,200 feet of complete reconstruction along Main Street (State Route 571) from the railroad crossing east through the First Street intersection which encompasses the entirety of historic downtown Tipp City. The finished project included design of full depth reconstruction of the roadway, new sanitary, water, and storm sewer, overhead utilities relocated underground, decorative street lights, four decorative traffic signals, trees, brick sidewalk, curb ramps, and drive aprons, as well as special features to accommodate underground building accesses and subsurface building encroachments. Also included in the design was traffic engineering services including the performance of traffic counts along the corridor, signal warrant analysis for the four signalized intersections, traffic signal design, traffic signal interconnect design, and capacity analysis. Choice One also assisted the City with weekly construction progress meetings with the downtown businesses and the contractor.

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Roadway Design Contacts:

Matt Hoying, P.E.

Mitch Thobe, P.E.

Nick Selhorst, P.E.