Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Kyle Siegrist:
“I think Choice One needs a nice red, white, and blue shirt (with a little bit of green in there somewhere of course)!”

When asked what they enjoy most about the Independence Day, Choice Oners had a few …

Matt Hoying:
“He even doodles roundabouts.”

The “he” in question is transportation engineer Dane Sommer, and, yep, while learning about Traffic Control Measures, he doodled roundabouts. Like, for fun. And let’s be realistic—if Dane is doodling roundabouts, he probably dreams …

Matt Hoying:
“I don’t know what the big deal is. Choice One brought MLS to the Cincinnati area way before FC Cincinnati did.”


When Major League Soccer recently announced that a it was accepting FC Cincinnati as a new …

Jeff Stewart, Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District:
“The Queen most certainly owes Choice One royalties.”

If you got up early last Saturday to watch the Royal Wedding coverage at 4:30am (which is still probably later than Jeff Puthoff got up), you may …

In honor of Choice One’s Kristi Moorman heading to Africa on a 10-week mission trip, Inquiring Mindsets want to know:
“Would you rather have an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?”

Caray Schmiesing, Controller
“Elephant trunk—an easy extra grabber.” (Another

Brian Schmidt:
“I wonder if the three words ‘Choice One Engineering’ are as meaningful?”

Let’s see, at first glance, the one direct correlation we can pinpoint between chocolate chunk cookies and Choice One Engineering is that we’re both full of