Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Eric Kuck:
“Ah, so you’re sending us out into a ‘Kunk Window’?”

The weather is always a concern for our field survey crews. Not only do they find themselves randomly in rivers and [someday] hopefully in a helicopter, they also find themselves out in run-of-the-mill elements, like rain. And since surveying in the rain is not ideal, watching the weather radar becomes an important exercise in guesswork.

Many moons ago, Jeff Kunk scheduled the survey crews and was notorious for sending them out if there was even the slightest potential break in a storm shown on the radar. While this resulted in keeping a project moving, it also often resulted in wet, grumpy surveyors. Hence Eric’s reference during a recent rainy day to a “Kunk Window,” which may or may not provide enough time to get a few topo shots/grade stakes set in while dodging raindrops.

“Kunk Window” joins a couple other favorite Choice One phrases like “Schmidty’d All Over” and “free lunch.” And really, all of these phrases speak to a couple of Choice One’s priorities: our core values, like timeliness, and our stomachs—which also appreciate timeliness, whether in rain, shine, or just a Kunk Window.

Brian Barhorst:
“New lighting or not, the surveyors always brighten our days.”

Remember how we had some new lights going in at our Sidney office? Well, when the lights went in over the survey crew’s area, they, like Casey, needed a moment to adjust.

In addition to brightening up the surveyors, the new fixtures have shed some light on a few other things around Choice One. It’s now a little easier to see what’s not available in the Canteen. It’s a touch harder to wait in the shadows to scare someone. And it’s more challenging to catch an in-office lunch nap with all those lights brightening things up.

After a few days, the surveyors (l-r) Craig Frilling, Kole Egbert, Dan Perreira, and Aaron Plas, shed their shades and embraced the brilliance of their desk area. New lights or not, Brian Barhorst is right—the surveyors always brighten our days. Some might say it’s the safety green sweatshirts, but we’d put our money on those big smiles.

Craig “Frizz” Frilling:
“Shoveling wore me out. Someone call 911.”
Aaron Plas:
“Frizz, you ARE 911!”

With the arrival of the snow storm last week, our surveyors had the opportunity to shovel the walks and dig out the survey trucks. Surveyor and Fort Loramie Volunteer Firefighter Craig Frilling put his whole heart into the endeavor. When he ended up a little winded and a little sweaty, he joked he might need emergency services. Except… he IS emergency services, which Aaron politely reminded him of.

Craig calling himself for emergency resuscitation would be like… well, like Craig Eley calling for help in a traffic jam. Or Megan Bornhorst using a lot of paper, Jeff Kunk paying for donut delivery, or Caray buying reading glasses. Just like Kyle complaining about complaining, it doesn’t make sense on the surface, but still sometimes occurs. Except the Jeff Kunk buying donuts. That never occurs…

Thanks for cleaning the walks, Frizz. Because of your efforts, the rest of us can get into the office safely. And thanks for volunteering your time as a firefighter—we know if we ever do really need to call 911 you’ll be there ready to help, even if you’re winded and sweaty!

Brad Walterbusch:
“Does this count as standing?”

Remember how Kyle claimed he used his stand up desk “all them time?” Well, Brad captured photographic proof that Kyle’s data may be misrepresented.

Kyle had a reason for working like this, but no one can remember. So let’s guess!

  • Coming to terms with the Schmidty’d up plan review from Jeff Puthoff.
  • Hiding his face so his crazed fans don’t recognize him since the huge success of his music video a couple of years back.
  • Literally ducking out of the typical office sports talk.
  • Resting his shoulders after cotton ball shotput practice.
  • Seeing if his moustache fell on the ground.
  • His turn to count in the game of hide-n-seek.

Whatever the reason, we’re not sure if this counts as standing or sitting. What we can quantify is Kaye’s confusion—that is pretty obvious. Regardless, at the end of the day, Kyle is a real stand-up guy, whether he’s photographed that way or not!

Luke Hemmelgarn:
“It’s not a purse. It’s a lunch bag.”


We have lots of folks who carry bags in and out of the office, but Luke’s pink fabric “lunch bag” did sort of stand out as an unusual accessory for him. But sometimes, when you’re in a rush, you grab whatever is available. So with two daughters, it’s no surprise there’s a bit of pink hanging around Luke’s house. But we’re still going to pick on him.

As engineers, surveyors, and landscape architects, we often carry some unusual work-related accessories. We’ve already covered how hard hats are a girl’s best friend. But there are lots of strange things we carry in and out of the office related to our work, like measuring wheels, manhole hooks (Google it if you’ve never seen one—they’re vicious-looking), sledgehammers, and traffic cameras (also big and sort of unidentifiable if you’re not a traffic engineer). Add that to the non-work related things we keep in our cars, and we have quite the collection of items far more random than a pink purse… ahem, “lunch bag.”

So don’t feel ashamed Luke, and carry that uncommon bag proudly. Besides, it’s not that your bag is pink, it’s that it doesn’t have Choice One green on it (if only we knew where to get you one of those…). Regardless, if you keep your keys in it, Luke, it’s a purse. No matter how much lunch is in it.

The First Annual ONEsie Awards:
“Couldn’t Break a Habit: Brian Goubeaux”

It’s New Year’s Eve, and if you’re working today, you might be looking for some kind of distraction. So, here you go.

This year, Choice One celebrated the end of 2021 with some unique “awards” acknowledging the laughs we’ve had over the past 12 months. One honorable mention was a goof from a Choice One company meeting quiz, as Brian Goubeaux just couldn’t help but identify himself. Other “winners” included the rookie mistake of getting locked out on the fenced patio, getting trucks stuck in the mud, and general embarrassments like falling down or getting repeatedly scared.

Speaking of getting scared, the ONEsie of the Year went to our official social media team and unofficial office scare team of Brittany, Megan, and Sammy, who collaborated for the delightful Choice One Scare-tober video. Congrats, ladies—we hope you were the ones surprised this time!

Happy New Year all. Now back to work!