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Choice Mindsets

Megan Bornhorst:
“It’s no surprise that Skyline has recognized the power of green.”
Sure, you say, the “Green Way” is Skyline Chili’s marketing strategy for St. Patrick’s Day. But we would speculate that this Loveland-area Skyline location maaaaaaybe created the “Green Way” in honor of their favorite table of green-clad regulars. (That’s engineer Michael Seeger in the photo.)
That’s right, as St. Patrick Day approaches next week, your favorite green-wearing engineers now get to delight for a couple of days in all things flavored, colored, and naturally green: McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes, dramatic readings (and eatings) of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, and green beer. And while most people celebrate any smidgen of Irish heritage on this greenest of holidays, you know we’ll be celebrating our Choice One-ality. We suggest you keep an eye on our social media to see how! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Kyle Siegrist, Gameshow Host:
“Which employee’s spouse is cooler than the employee?”
Yep, this is proof that there’s just one person cooler than Kaye in this world, and it’s her husband. And based on the number of responses to this Family Feud-style question, the majority of us at Choice One agree to this clear and definite fact.
Last Saturday the Choice One gang gathered for our annual game night, where we play a ridiculous game, eat some hot wings, and hang out. This year our energetic host Kyle (whose wife Jill is unquestionably cooler than him) surveyed all Choice One employees and spouses/significant others, compiled the answers, and set up an elaborate Family Feud game complete with teams, buzzers, and “friendly” competition. The result was hilariously entertaining, especially considering all of these really cool spouses listed were in attendance.
In response to the ruthless attack pictured in this list, Kaye, Mitch, and Ryan Francis, etc., would all like to bring to their coworkers’ attention that without their wise life choices, said cooler spouses would have never been introduced to the Choice One crew. So in other words, while Amanda Hoying is definitely WAY cooler than Matt Hoying, at least Matt was smart enough to trick Amanda (somehow!) into marrying him. Who’s cooler now?

Erin Harris, City of Beavercreek Parks:
“Do you think the killer whale fits with our tradition being a marine animal and all?”

For the past four years, Kaye has teamed up with Erin from Beavercreek at the annual Ohio Parks and Recreation Association Conference to take a ridiculous (i.e. fabulous) photo compliments of a sponsored photo booth. And really, whatever the rest of this Mindset says doesn’t matter, as we’re pretty sure you’re just going to contemplate the distinctiveness of these photos for the next few minutes rather than read on.

In case you’re still reading and want to try to understand what’s going on here, we have to be honest: neither Kaye nor Erin really remembers the original motivation for the first photo (the kangaroo). All they know is that they can’t NOT take one every year at this point. And while there are many outstanding photo booth backgrounds to choose from each year (like “Running From a Train” or “Standing on a Volcano”), Erin and Kaye have repeatedly chosen “Staring Oddly into Space Straight-faced” while “Riding an Animal” and “While Holding Equine Masks” (except the elephant year when the unicorn was missing and Kaye, sadly, had to hold the pug dog face instead).

No matter the original inspiration of the photos, we’re confident the results of Erin and Kaye’s friendship is definitely… original. Indeed, even the photo booth operator, who takes thousands of photos in this profession, is routinely puzzled each year by these poses. But Kaye and Erin don’t care—they’ll keep taking these photos—and they’re banking on a rhinoceros or manatee to ride in 2021!

Eric Kuck:
“We found this postcard in the binder of hotel information. We HAD to send it.”

It was just an ordinary Thursday afternoon at Choice One , and suddenly, out of the green, a thrilling piece of correspondence arrived via the US Postal Service. Pictured above, for the world to behold, is what we received: a beautiful, handwritten, “wish you were here” postcard from abroad. Ok, from Ontario… Ohio.

Choice One surveyors Eric Kuck, Craig Frilling, and Kole Egbert traveled to Ontario (near Mansfield) for a few days to perform an extensive topographic survey for an upcoming school site design project. Believe it or not, they thought of all of us back here at the office while they were out seeing the world! How generous of them to remember their warm, dry colleagues while they were touring the muddy countryside, staying in a plush Hampton Inn, and eating at exotic restaurants like Red Lobster and Olive Garden. And—the true sensation here—can you believe they had a stamp?!

Eric, Craig, and Kole, we so appreciate you thinking of all of us back at the office while you’re out seeing the world (or at least the sites of Richland County). Thank you for taking time away from home to take care of that survey, too. We hope the mud was only knee deep, the Hampton’s pillows weren’t lumpy, and the unlimited cheddar bay biscuits and breadsticks filled you up!

Inquiring Mindsets want to know:
“What funny/silly terms have you heard for civil engineering structures or concepts?”

 Jeff Puthoff, Project Manager
“My wife calls each leg of a cloverleaf interchange a ‘loop-ty loo.’ As in ‘The GPS says to take exit 55A, go around the loop-ty loo, and then you’ll be on I-70.’”
Nick Selhorst, Project Manager
“My wife refuses to call concrete ‘concrete.’ She calls is ‘cement.’ Drives me nuts.”
 Lexy Bolin, CAD Designer
“When trying to describe a catch basin, I’ve heard more than one person say, ‘Oh, those things raccoons live in.’”
Craig Eley, Project Manager
“My family doesn’t have an funny terms for engineering, but they know when they are with me that they are in for a treat, because they find out how cool roundabouts are, and if traffic signals operate efficiently, if that highway sign reading ‘XYZ Winery in 20 miles’ is really valuable to the majority of drivers, and… and… and HOW COOL IS TRAFFIC ENGINEERING?!”

Nick Selhorst:
“I’m thankful I didn’t have to wear a bathrobe for the Christmas card this year.”

As 2019 wraps up, we at Choice One have been reflecting on what we are grateful for, including our families, friends, and the joy of the holiday season. Additionally, we have a few personal bits of thanks that need special mention, including Nick’s above. (In case you don’t recall what he’s referring to, we’ll just leave this link riiiiight here so you can all accurately remember.)

Craig Eley is thankful for Starbucks iced coffee—because not having to wait for coffee to cool is worth the extra $1.15 for the ice. Jake Bertke is thankful for his perfect pop-a-shot shot. Brian Schmidt is grateful for super-elevated roadways and the Loveland Skyline’s inverted chili cheese fries. Conversely, Kyle Siegrist is thankful that there is no Skyline in Sidney, because “that place is garbage.” And Jeff Puthoff is, as always, thankful for shirts with pockets.

No matter our individual gratitude for things brewed cold or adequately pocketed, we can ALL confidently say thanks to all of you for allowing us to be a part of your 2019. We hope your 2020 is successful, enjoyable, and, heck, occasionally cheese-covered. And let’s be real, Nick, everyone is grateful that you are not wearing a bathrobe in the Christmas card this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Choice One Engineering!