Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Holly Fannon:
“Please don’t make Caray cuss. She wants to get to heaven someday.”

She may look cheery in the photo at right, but imagine a blunt object in Choice One controller Caray’s hand and that image feels a little

Josh Turton, Redi-Rock:
“Best decoration in my house…”

Mr. Turton won the Longest Beard Competition at Wednesday night’s lumberjack-themed Choice One Charity Cup in Loveland, which earned him quite a trophy (that unintentionally kind of looks like him). And when

Kaye Borchers:
“I feel like we should be able to get some kind of two-for-one discount here…”


Welcome to this week’s episode of General Hospital… er, Choice Mindsets. With three bum shoulders and one broken heel in

Chad Henry:
“I think I’m gonna make a card for Craig. It’s his week.”

Last week was National Roundabouts Week, and we could hardly hold Craig Eley back from skipping merrily through the office while tossing little yield sign-shaped confetti

Nick Selhorst:
“Billy Highfill with Deerfield Township told Dane that he looks like Tom Brady. Dane was quite flattered, but I don’t see it.”
Thanks a lot Billy. You just inflated Dane’s head as quickly as New England Patriot’s QB