Jammed! Poorly planned traffic designs can create conditions that are prone to crashes and inconveniences. We put the brakes on traffic issues with thoughtful planning and field-proven methodologies. Precision traffic engineering services and transportation planning studies are critical to master planning, new development, public safety and the effective movement of vehicles and pedestrians along a roadway or within a parking lot.


A unique aspect of Choice One’s traffic engineering services is the direct, hands-on, in-the-field experience our staff has. Whether it is working inside a controller cabinet, laying out pavement markings, or performing on-site analysis for many different types of studies, we have the knowledge to help!

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Traffic DOT Prequalifications:

ODOT – Interchange Justification/
Modification Study

ODOT – Safety Study

ODOT – Basic Traffic Signal Design

ODOT – Traffic Signal System Design

ODOT – Construction Inspection – Traffic Signal and Lighting Inspector

INDOT – 2.1 Traffic Data Collection

INDOT – 2.2 Traffic Forecasting

INDOT – 3.1 Non-Complex Traffic Capacity and Operations Analysis

INDOT – 4.1 Traffic Safety Analysis

INDOT – 10.1 Traffic Signal Design

INDOT – 10.4 Lighting Design

Our Traffic Engineering Includes:


Traffic Signal Design:

  • Analyzation and design of the type, functionality, detection, timing, etc., of an individual traffic signal.

Traffic Signal Systems Design:

  • Analyzation and design of the type, functionality, detection, communications, timing, etc., of traffic signals integrated into an interconnected central system.

Traffic Impact Studies:

  • Study performed to determine the immediate and future impacts of a new or expanding development on the existing surrounding roadway network.

Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis:

  • Analysis of a traffic signal to determine it is warranted (as defined by the DOT) for purposes of improvement, installation, or removal.

Traffic Data Collection:

  • Collection of traffic data for analysis including vehicle counts, turning counts, and pedestrian counts.

Access Management:

  • Review and improvement design of driveway/street access along a specified route or intersection to improve safety and efficiency.

Speed Studies:

  • Study of the optimal safe speed for a particular stretch of roadway, which includes aspects such as the capacity of the roadway, sight distance, and points of access.

Safety Studies:

  • Study of a particular roadway corridor or intersection that has been prone to vehicular and/or pedestrian accidents and determination of countermeasures the help reduce accidents in the future.

Sign Maintenance and Management:

  • Determination of appropriate signage as dictated by the local DOT and development of a plan/schedule for regular maintenance and replacement.

Sight Distance Studies:

  • Study of roadway intersection or roadway access based on a driver’s or pedestrian’s ability to see oncoming vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Interchange Modification/Operation Studies:

  • Operational analysis of the highway interchange due to the effects of an adjacent development.

Construction Administration/Observation:

  • On-site personnel focused on observing construction methods and installation.
  • Administration of payment applications, disbursements, change orders, and punch lists.
  • Interpretation of plans for contractor and/or client during construction.

“I wanted to pass along Council’s “thank you” for the quick response, hard work, and most importantly finding a contractor close to the budget numbers for this project.”

Brad Vath, Assistant City Manager

City of Tipp City


Village of New Bremen Signal Improvements

New Bremen, Ohio

Choice One Engineering designed traffic signal upgrades at the intersections of Washington Street (SR 66) & Monroe Street (SR 274) and Main Street & Monroe Street (SR 274) in the Village of New Bremen. Prior to construction, Choice One collected traffic volumes, crash data, and completed a signal warrant analysis at both locations. The existing span wire traffic signals were replaced with decorative mast arm traffic signal poles, intersection radii was improved, and all pedestrian facilities were updated.

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