Choice Mindsets

Choice Mindsets

Ken Carter, Centerville-Washington Park District:
“Matt, include in the proposal topographic survey, design, and a signed self-portrait that we can hang in our office.”


Don’t even try to guess the proposal fee for the above-mentioned project. The number of

Kaye Borchers: “Anyone break a lacrosse stick?”
Troy Niese: “No, but I can break one if you need some Mindset writing material.”


Meet Jacqui, one of our newest engineers and passionate guardian of lacrosse sticks. Despite not being

Inquiring Mindsets:
“What’s your favorite back to school memory?”


For many, August/September equals back to school. So back in the day, what did Choice Oners look forward to about a new school year?

Luke Hemmelgarn’s favorite memory? Playing euchre

Brittany Clinehens:
“Jack just told Megan that he scares easily.”

There are very few things we keep to ourselves here at Choice One, but one thing co-op Jack Poeppelman may regret sharing is that he scares easily… literally 60 seconds

Adam Gill:
“Luckily the ants are dumb enough to just fly right into it. It surprisingly works.”


Welcome to an installment of Choice Mindsets we’ll call “Choice One-genuity.” Because, hey, we’re engineers and we get really excited about fixing

Adam Gill:
“Check out the two dinosaurs out surveying in Russia.”

If you don’t recognize the two relics in the photo volunteering their time to provide field work for a new playground in Russia, Ohio, that’s Ryan Francis on the