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Choice Mindsets

Casey Reichert: “Try to stop them from talking about traffic, I dare you.



It’s the most wonderful time of the year [for transportation engineers, at least]: the annual Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference (OTEC). Engineer and business development representative Casey Reichert had heard the myths and legends, but this week, as a first-time OTEC attendee, she was in the thick of it all. And when you spend two and a half days with passionate traffic engineers like Michael “Mike G.” Goettemoeller and Craig “Traffic Celebrity Eley, it’s all traffic, all the time.


OTEC and traffic engineering are things we can’t help but get excited about. For many of us at Choice One, it’s just a part of who we are—like pizza, sports, doughnuts from Jeff Kunk, and the color green. We try to hide our excitement, but it just spills out, like Nick Selhorst knocking over a drink.


Casey, remember that you’re participating in the largest engineering conference in the nation. You’re surrounded by 4,000 traffic engineers and professionals, all excited to talk roundabouts, congestion, funding, safety, transportation, intersections, signals, and, well, we could go on for days… at least two and a half of them!

Adam Gill: “It’s October. You know what that means.”
Jack Poeppelman: “It’s the longest month of my life.”

Happy October! For many of us, October means pumpkin spice lattes, beautiful foliage, spooky costumes, and long-sleeved green shirts instead of short-sleeved green shirts. But for engineer Jack Poeppelman, who is a little easier to scare, it means the persistent possibility of a Halloween ambush.

When the calendar turns to October, Jack can no longer confidently walk about the office discussing subdivision plans and talking football. Instead, he has to warily peek around corners, carefully peer behind doors, and constantly watch his back lest another Choice Oner sneak up behind him. Despite his best efforts, we’re still able to catch him off guard (as pictured in Troy’s recent success).

If you missed the Choice One “Scare-tober” video a couple of years ago that originally started Choice One’s fondness for fright, we suggest you watch it again—you’ll see Jack jumping out of his skin in the first clip. Sorry for finding humor in your scare-ability, Jack. We hope this Mindset finds you comfortable and relaxed in your office chair, with no one under your desk waiting to frighten you at all.

Allen Bertke: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

You can’t see the mohawk in the photo, but Project Surveyor Jesse Waggoner, pictured, played a heck of a B.A. Baracus from the 1980s TV show The A-Team for a recent video introducing Choice One’s new drone surveying services. Check out The Choice One Team video to see Jesse’s mohawk in all of its glory, Allen’s delivery of the iconic line, and all of the acting “skills” of Choice One’s surveyors.

While there are many excellent acting accomplishments in The Choice One Team video we feel the award statue for “Best Awkward Performance” should go to co-op (and future full time employee) Justin Puthoff for his portrayal of “Concerned Property Owner.” And although Jesse’s real (albeit temporary) mohawk is pretty rad, the top honor in that category should definitely go to Jim Niergarth, playing Faceman, for “Performance by Bad Hair.”

If you’ve been reading Choice Mindsets for a while, you’ll know this isn’t the first time this particular quote has been declared. Back in 2012, Jeff Puthoff commented on Tony’s bad luck when his tire went flat on vacation. However, this time, the statement was made without any flat tires, as Allen, playing a Choice One version of The A-Team’s Hannibal, quoted the line while signing a survey plat with satisfaction. We do love it when a plan comes together!

Maggie: “This is MY Farmer Jeff.”


Miss Maggie, who is almost three years old, is Jeff Puthoff’s neighbor. Maggie’s backyard faces one of Jeff’s fields, and she enjoys watching Jeff manage his crops next door throughout the year. When offered the opportunity to dress like “Farmer Jeff” for the day (complete with green Choice One shirt and cowboy boots), Maggie eagerly agreed!


Jeff is not the first Choice One celebrity. Engineer Craig Eley is famous at the annual Ohio Transportation Engineer’s Conference and is often caught signing autographs for adoring traffic engineering fans. Engineer Nick Selhorst is still regularly appreciated for his portrayal of National Lampoon’s Cousin Eddie on Choice One’s 2017 Christmas card. And who could forget surveyor Dan Perreira’s appearance on a postcard that reached mailboxes in at least 15 Ohio counties?!


Much like surveyor Eric Kuck’s son Owen, Maggie looks pretty adorable in her Choice One gear, and we appreciate her excitement about green (even if it’s just to match “Farmer Jeff”). Maggie, we could use a few more enthusiastic engineers, so keep following in Jeff’s farmer footsteps, and perhaps you’ll become a civil engineer someday, too!


P.S. Watch Facebook and LinkedIn for some up and coming Choice One celebrities from our survey department next week!

Craig Frilling: “I speak my own language: Frillanese.”


There’s never a dull moment with Field Surveyor Craig “Frizz” Frilling around. Whether bad (the survey truck gets stuck) or good (he’s serving up his famous BBQ chicken), Craig always has a way of improving a situation with his unique way with words.

While Frizz hasn’t provided us a Frillanese-to-English translation dictionary yet, the following are terms that might be included in Craig’s personal language based on past events.

  • Water-fall: Frillanese term meaning “drawn to the water.” Craig is always finding puddles, mud, creeks, and ponds to lose a boot or cool off in, even when it’s not hot.
  • Cover your ears!: Frillanese term meaning “listen to her purr.” Craig is still waking up the neighbors starting up his classic 1989 GMC Safari van, which is still [barely] running!
  • S’up?: Frillanese term meaning “Frizz is in da house!” Craig certainly has a way to make something slightly dreaded a little more enjoyable or flash a smile to brighten our days.
  • Frizz-ability: Frillanese term meaning “willingness to help.” Craig is always lending a hand, and he’s often first to show up when help is needed.

Really, without Craig’s Frizz-ability, Choice One wouldn’t be the same. Not only would the rest of us have to lift more awkward, heavy things alone, shovel more sidewalks, and eat sub-par chicken at company picnics, we’d be without Craig’s sense of humor and bigheartedness, too. Thanks Craig, for making Choice One a Frizz-tastic place to be!