In Short Order

In Short Order

Mitch Thobe:
“We need to stop hiring basketball players. I already look short.”

We’re not totally heartless: we acknowledge that we shouldn’t pick on Mitch, Thomas, and Ryan for their common inability to control their height. Just like long-goofy limbs or big feet, these are physical attributes completely out of their control.

Instead, we thought it best to make the following list of the positives of having a staff of diverse height here at Choice One.

  • When measuring culvert sizes in the field, we can quickly determine heights from 60 inches to 84 inches without a tape measure.
  • Without a few shorter folks, we could never have fit so many of us into one Choice One [clown] car. And without a few taller folks, how could we reach things on upper shelves?
  • When taking a group photo, we have obvious candidates for back row and front row. (Although candidates for fluorescent spandex are hand-selected regardless of height.)

With all these important reasons, how could we not appreciate the short, the tall, and everyone in between? However, we’re not getting soft–we’ll definitely keep picking on Mitch, Ryan, and Thomas for other common features they DO have control over. Most notable, they’re all fans of Cleveland sports teams. And that’s just short-sighted.