Don’t Get Sloppy

Don’t Get Sloppy

“Look at that signature. There is no possible way to get ‘Brian’ out of that.”

– Matt Hoying

If you haven’t seen one, our Christmas cards are hand-signed by each employee here at Choice One. And, according to Matt, sometimes certain people (ahem… Brian Schmidt) get a little sloppy with their signatures. (In Brian’s defense, it’s probably because, like most things that require any sort of repetition or accuracy in our office, The Signing of the Christmas Cards becomes a competition to see who can sign all 500 the fastest. I believe Wes usually wins, being that he only has three letters in his name.)

Whether signing Christmas cards or cleaning up a topographic survey, no matter the task here, frequent repetition can be both highly advantageous and highly dangerous. Doing the same task again and again leads to mastery and expertise, but can also lead to mechanization and carelessness. There are many times in our office when we have the need to do repetitious tasks that require precision, and to be successful at these tasks we need not only be focused and attentive, but also work together and have someone else check our work for mistakes. Measure twice, cut once!

Now if Matt will just check Brian’s other 499 signatures for readability…

Happy holidays, all, from everyone at Choice One Engineering.