It’s in the Hole!

It’s in the Hole!

Adam Gill:
“The server was down, so we had to pass the time…”

…and Sledgehammer Putt-Putt was born.


What can we say? Most of us at Choice One like sports, or at least enjoy friendly competition, so when a few spare minutes are had, some sort of contest spontaneously occurs. Our Loveland office has a pop-a-shot machine that elicits daily lunchtime games of P-I-G. Our Sidney office has a pickleball court in the basement. Jacqui Lohman keeps her lacrosse sticks at work “just in case.”


It’s a testament to our engineering ingenuity (or more likely our extreme competitiveness) that we can develop a game of skill out of just about anything. Just take our annual Charity Cup fundraisers, which coerce–ahem, invite–our clients and friends into closing their eyes, spinning around three times, and throwing beanbags at various targets with their non-dominant hand to support a charity. Regular cornhole or bucketball? Not a chance! (Just a reminder that the Loveland event is November 3!)


Whether we’re “hammering” a golf ball into Jake Bertke’s “How the $#@* did I get to be 30?!” coffee cup or considering adding qualifications to our employment application like “must be willing to try off-the-ceiling shots during daily pop-a-shot games,” we will keep coming up with ways to compete. Stay tuned—we’re pretty sure our recent establishment of the National Association of Trashcan Football (NATCFB) is going to catch on beyond our office walls soon!