Boxed Out

Boxed Out

Kecia Flaute:
“If you give a Green Shirt a box…”

If you’re not familiar with it, Kecia is rephrasing a well-known children’s book titled If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. And in this day and age of next-day shipping, there’s never a lack of cardboard in our office.

So for today’s enjoyment, Inquiring Mindsets wants to know: what DOES happen when you give a Choice Oner a box?

We always issue a standard challenge: “Think you can fit in that box?”
We use them to build things. Forts, walls, basketball hoops. You know, typical stuff.
We work hard to use the box to hide and scare each other… as well as surprise any unsuspecting visitors.
(That’s Brittany in the box scaring the UPS guy. He said he couldn’t ship Brittany in the box because it had a FedEx label. Looks like we’re stuck keeping her around.)

[Video here.]