Under the Table

Under the Table

Michael Seeger:
“Quit being a suck up.”

Tyler Thobe:
“I have to suck up for all the times I put my foot in my mouth.”

Another Choice One engineer bites the dust: our subject brown-noser Tyler Thobe recently married the delightful Miss Brittany Gelhaus. Evidenced by the photo of Tyler with all the ladies of Choice One, it looks like everyone had a good time. (The fact that Ty’s older brother Mitch Thobe (lower left) decided he, too, was a Choice One Lady and jumped in the photo is not lost to us.)

Like Ty, the rest of us Choice One-ians like to take advantage of opportunity, especially if we can “influence” the decisions of our coworkers. The way to Megan’s heart is an ice cold fountain Coke from McDonald’s or Doritos. Wes Goubeaux could probably be swayed with a bright, shiny new hat featuring the logo of his beloved Chicago Cubs. And Tony can be persuaded with lunch from Subway, ripe, in-season cherries, or a fresh pot of hazelnut decaf coffee. (Note to potential incoming and outgoing co-ops: if you choose Subway for your Welcome or Farewell Lunch, you will definitely get in Tony’s good graces; clearly he’s the easiest to bribe around here.)

We can’t imagine that Tyler will EVER stick his foot in his mouth with the new Mrs. Thobe and then need to make amends by sucking up like he does here at Choice One. But if you do, Ty, we recommend presenting her with her favorite fresh fruit or tasty beverage and NOT Chicago Cubs gear-who wants that garbage anyway?

Congrats Tyler and Brittany!