Mad Cheddar

Mad Cheddar

Choice One Zoom Chat conversation:


t probably comes as no surprise that many of us Choice Oners are missing sports these days. Between the Browns fans, the anti-Browns fans, the baseball fans, and the anti-baseball fans, a good majority of us follow professional and college sports. But with the cancellation of the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament, another of our favorite pastimes is gone: friendly wagers on bracket pools.


This year, then, we have put together a “Fast Food Bracket Challenge*” pitting some of our favorite local and national eateries against each other to not only make friendly wagers, but to resolve a few things once and for all. For instance: is Hothead Burritos better than Chipotle? According to our picks, the answer is “no.” Is Skyline Chili really the best thing ever (most likely also due to the apparent importance of cheese)? Spoiler alert: IT’S NOT, and we can prove it with the brackets now guys. Give it a rest!


Whoever wins, it’s really not a victory. We all know the pool winning individual is going to have to buy lunch for everyone from the winning restaurant once we’re all back in the office. Will it be Chick-Fil-A or Raising Cane’s? Al’s Pizza (local to Sidney) or Papa Johns? To be honest, it won’t really matter: the real win will be just being back in the office together!


*Disclaimer: Not a Choice One original idea. Totally stole it from the internet. Want to run a tournament of your own? Download our bracket (which we modified to include restaurants specific to west-central Ohio) here.