Versatility in Action

Versatility in Action

Matt Hoying: “Sammy couldn’t get Justin and Frizz to do it right, so she had to just do it herself.”


Sometimes, you just need to step in and show someone exactly what’s needed. Our graphic designer Sammy Selby doesn’t typically work on a Choice One field survey crew, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t show co-op Justin Puthoff and field surveyor Craig “Frizz” Frilling how it’s done.

Like Sammy, our surveyors are super versatile. They attract business with their good looks. They aren’t afraid to get wet, dirty, or cold. They keep our sidewalks safe when it snows (but do struggle a little with mud). Heck, they even pose for Choice Mindset photos without [much] complaining again, and again, and again.

We’re sure Sammy would be a great surveyor, but we think for now she’ll stick with graphic design—open-toed shoes probably aren’t ideal for some construction sites. Thanks, Sammy, for being willing to step in to show Justin and Frizz how to do things just right for the camera. If nothing else, you’re helping us be able to keep featuring them in Mindsets!

Are you or someone you know as versatile and tough as our field survey folks? Join us!