Office Space

Office Space

Megan Bornhorst:
“I don’t know what’s more exciting: Tony cleaning his office, or the new refrigerator?”

This week, Tony has been busy straightening up his office with a thorough cleaning. The commotion has drawn most of us in to chuckle at hairstyles in old photos, kid Tony about a resume rejection letter he kept from 1984 (he claims he was rejected 500 times—why he kept just this one letter is a mystery), and admire the impressive stack of outdated textbooks older than half the staff at Choice One.

Apparently, as exemplified in the hidden-camera-esc photos above, equally exciting this week is the new refrigerator delivered to the Sidney office. Upon finding the original 2001 paperwork for the old fridge (likely amongst the cobwebs on Tony’s shelves), we realized that it was time to provide our larger 2016 staff a little more space to play refrigerator Jenga with lunches, Canteen soda, and leftovers.

While these two events may seem unrelated, they’re actually well-timed, as we will need more space for another engineer: we are currently searching for a new, full-time engineer for our Loveland office*. The new fridge will offer that future engineer a place to keep his or her bologna sandwich cold on company meeting days, and with Tony’s office now cleaner, we can consider partitioning off a space for that third restroom we’ve been dreaming of. And maybe, with Tony’s office space doubling as the third restroom, something can FINALLY get accomplished in there, whether he’s around or not.

*Know a civil engineer looking for a job who wouldn’t mind being picked on in a Choice Mindset? Send him or her our way!