And the Award Goes To…

And the Award Goes To…

Dane Sommer:
“I may have accepted the ordering of a plaque or trophy. Guy was a heck of the salesman.”

A few weeks back, we put engineer Dane Sommer in charge of the entirety of Choice One for ONE DAY, including answering the phones, during which he unintentionally agreed to the purchase of a commemorative plaque highlighting a recent award. The decorative wall-hanging arrived this week, and, as you can see, Dane is VERY proud of it. (And we thought transportation engineers only got excited about designing roundabouts and traffic signals.)

It’s our own fault. Most of us had traveled to Cleveland for Choice One’s biennial company trip. We guess Dane owed us out of spite—as a huge Cleveland Browns and Indians fan, he was just a little bummed that he was not able to join us for a ton of fun* in one of his favorite cities.

Don’t worry Dane, we promise we didn’t go through ANY roundabouts in Cleveland without you. Plus, your accidental purchase marks our first Dayton-region “Best Places to Work” win. So since you’ve created a constant reminder that we’re a “Best Place to Work,” we should probably believe in second chances. Especially if your second chance makes us laugh as much as the first one!

*For the record, Dane was having fun too: he and his wife Heather had just welcomed daughter Tatum into the Choice One family!