Power Up

Power Up

Adam Gill:
“I’ll take the Mario and Luigi costumes…”

…because who doesn’t want to be a classic video game superstar for a day?

Once in a while we have to straighten up a supply closet or clean up around the office, and something random is put up for grabs. So who could blame engineers Adam Gill (Luigi, left) and Troy Niese (Mario, right) for calling dibs on an old Charity Cup costume to become a couple of Nintendo legends whenever they want?

With these hats, it’s fun to imagine that Adam and Troy might be like a Choice One version of the heroes, donning their special costumes whenever a super power is needed. Perhaps they could bust through brick walls with their bare hands when Choice One decides to renovate again. Having the ability to eat a star and become temporarily invincible would have it’s benefits considering the injury-related hardware around here. And, truthfully, it would be handy to have them be able to slide down into pipes to figure out how old sewers are connected for replacement or modeling.

While there’s not a princess to save at Choice One (unless you count Kaye’s stint as a “Survey Princess”) or coins to collect beyond what Brian Barhorst collects in our Canteen, we appreciate Adam and Troy’s enthusiasm. If nothing else, with the Mario Bros. around, we might finally have a couple of decent plumbers around here to fix the coffee machine!