Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds

Kyle Siegrist: “When Wes looked away from his work as I walked by, I knew he was up to something.”

Wes Goubeaux is typically a quiet, focused person, so any sudden actions seem a deviation from his calm, tranquil demeanor. So when Wes snapped to attention as Kyle walked by, Kyle knew something was up. Upon coming back, Kyle was pummeled with several stress balls from various assailants, including Wes (proving Kyle’s quoted theory).

Wes is one of our licensed Professional Surveyors, and that means he is always busy with property lines, easements, and legal descriptions*. Indeed, the National Society of Professional Surveyors states that a P.S. “provides for a purchaser’s peaceful occupation of the land.” So it only follows that when Wes is not “peaceful,” something is about to go down.

Apparently, the group effort to ambush Kyle centered on his statement desiring colder weather and more snow, but really, there are at least 2,190 good reasons to throw things at Kyle. Wes was really doing us all a favor. Thanks Wes—despite previous suggestions that you are a Worthless Dumb Guy, we know you’re the peaceful protector of all of us who also have to endure Kyle’s crazy talk… er, the cold.

*Sound like an interesting career? We’re hiring additional surveyors!