“You can’t tell he’s bald in this picture though.”
– Jeff Puthoff

While making edits to a Statement of Qualifications, Jeff Puthoff made a “polite” observation of Wes’s head shot. I guess this balances out Jeff calling Wes smart AND skinny a while back.

There’s a few other observations we could make about Wes:

  • “Goubeaux” is a tricky last name. (It’s pronounced “Goo-BO” if you weren’t sure.) On top of that, he’s from the Village of Russia, which is pronounced “Roo-SHE.” What gives?
  • His initials are WDG, which makes this Dilbert cartoon really funny.
  • Even though he claims to be a life-long Reds fan, we hear he really may be a Cubs fan at heart.

Whether or not his head shot was cleverly cropped on purpose or if it was just a happy accident (Wes isn’t telling), we wouldn’t trade our favorite WDG for anything–and no, we’re not talking about our actual “WDG” Tony. Although Megan might trade Wes for a WDG who likes hugs.