“Somebody has to say something funny. I don’t want to have to start making up quotes.”

– Kaye Borchers

I know you’re all curious, so just to let you know-it’s really dusty on the top shelf of our supply closet here at Choice One Sidney. And we (obviously) don’t have any sort of step-stool to reach said shelf. Hence the dust accumulation.

When we’re out of options around here (perhaps for a Choice Mindsets idea, as in Kaye’s statement), or when we can’t reach the top shelf, it helps to be flexible. If we’re willing to be flexible, perhaps the right words will come out of our mouth, or the shelf will be stable enough to climb.

Being flexible doesn’t just help us design around a tricky existing water main, but it also allows us to work out problems with what’s available and not be nagged by worry and fear, or frozen by obstacles in the way of our goals. And it helps us to find all sorts of things on the top shelf we didn’t realize we had.

Happy New Year, everyone, from Choice One Engineering!