Send in the Clown

Send in the Clown

“Tell Jeff Puthoff I appreciate him lending his big shoes for the Clowning Around for Charity costumes.”
– Kari Egbert, City of Sidney

Anyone who knows Jeff Puthoff knows that you can hear him coming from a mile away. Maybe it’s the cowboy boots, maybe it’s his unique stride, or maybe he’s just repeatedly trying not to fall down

Jeff, don’t take offense at Kari’s comment. What she’s really saying is that someday, many years from now, when you retire from Choice One, we’ll have big shoes to fill. Geez, just think! We’ll have to find someone else who can nap at the drop of a hat, has the ten-day weather forecast memorized by 4:00am each morning, and who wears green every day (even on the weekends!) with such pride. Oh, AND be that one guy who handles all those residential, commercial, and industrial land development projects—with a few utility and roadway projects on the side.

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “A good house needs a good foundation. An outhouse can stand on anything.” So don’t think of your feet as big, Jeff, just bask in the revelation that someone who isn’t a socially clumsy engineer was caught staring at the floor to manage conversation, too.

Oh, and by the way, we hope those of you who attended the Charity Cup in March had a good time—big shoes, clown outfits, rubber ducks and all. We can’t thank all who donated enough. The Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association thanks you all, too in the letter linked here.