Choosey Choice Oners Choose Green

Choosey Choice Oners Choose Green

Inquiring Mindsets want to know:
“How do you decide which of your green Choice One shirts to wear each day?”

Nick Selhorst, Project Manager

“The one with the least amount of random pen marks on it and least amount of coffee stains.” Have you not been using your Sippy-saurus Rex, Nick?

Kyle Siegrist, Designer

“I simply think, ‘Which one is Matt going to wear?’ and choose any other shirt. Understandable. You don’t want to look like a nerd.

Troy Niese, Project Engineer

“All but two things in my closet are Choice One green, so I just reach in there while half asleep and pull whichever one comes out first. One of these days I might show up wearing a Detroit Lions jersey, and you’ll know that I was really tired while getting dressed.” And, Troy, you’ll owe us all lunch for not wearing green.

Kecia Flaute, Graphic Designer

“Will the office be cold or REALLY cold?” Mike G. asks himself the same thing every morning, Kecia.