Crying Over Spilled Milk

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Brittany: “I checked your file and did not find the signed form.”

Nick Selhorst: “Um, I may have had the signed one laying on my desk that I spilled coffee on everywhere, now that I’m thinking about it. How can I make this better?”

Brittany: “Well, maybe a sippy cup from now on?”

Nick is a bit…accident-prone. And as an avid coffee drinker, he frequently has a cup of joe on hand, just itching to be spilled.

At Choice One, we’ve had some memorable spills. There was the “Great Ketchup Spill” performed by Nick Sanders at a lunch during an educational seminar–he succeeded in covering his entire (green) shirt with red ketchup. Jackson Center Village Administrator Bruce Metz still laughs heartily recalling the occasion. And just this week Kaye took a spill when she tripped over a rail at the Trupointe Rail Shuttle Facility ribbon cutting in Milford, Indiana. Nothing like falling on your face (and smashing the company camera in the process) in front of a couple hundred people. A guy in a golf cart even drove over to make sure she was ok. (Rest assured, only her pride was hurt.)

Thankfully, we’ve been fortunate to have some valuable spills. The overrunning-and-spilling-everywhere coffee maker incident has granted us endless occasions to hassle Tony. Caray’s children recently spilled a soft taco in her “briefcase,” prompting her to start using an actual briefcase. And ultimately, we hope our fun spills over into our relationships with all of you.

Mr. Selhorst, if you’ll recall, Santa did bring you a lidded, dinosaur-shaped cup for Christmas. We propose you put the ol’ Sippy-saurus Rex back into service.