No Talkie Before Coffee

No Talkie Before Coffee

Nick Selhorst:
“First thing in the morning I only moo at people. I’m incapable of forming words at the start of the day.”

Not all of us can be morning people. Especially not engineer Nick Selhorst. And especially, ESPECIALLY not before his first cup of coffee.

Shall we observe other first-thing-in-the-morning habits of Choice Oners? Jeff Puthoff unlocks the doors at 4:59 am. Holly Fannon opens the blinds. Brian Barhorst turns on the ambient office music (1980s hairband rock, as of this writing). Brian Goubeaux tries to fit his lunch into the refrigerator. And Kecia Flaute does anything but moo—as our resident morning person, she greets everyone with an awfully cheerful “Good morning!” BEFORE she even has caffeine!

Don’t panic, with a little coffee and “friendly” prodding, Nick wakes up, forms real words, and gets his work day started. Add a few red Starbursts and perhaps a free doughnut, and you might even get a legitimate “good morning” from him. And if you still get a “moo,” at least be glad Nick’s awake enough to have made it out of his bathrobe.