It’s Raining… Mustard

It’s Raining… Mustard

Brittany: “You alright in there?”
Brian “Goub” Goubeaux: “Yeah, the refrigerator is kicking my butt.”

The refrigerator here at Choice One occasionally “kicks the butt” of those trying to squeeze in their lunch bag or find their favorite soda in The Canteen. Sometimes, trying to fit in a Tupperware of leftovers into the sardine-tight block of crowded shelves results in a whole lot of stuff crashing down in a cascade of expired salad dressings, old, wrinkled apples, and diet ginger ale (who requested THAT for The Canteen?!).

Other things overly full at Choice One?

  • Bathroom space. The line gets long in the Sidney office after a company meeting (during which Tony hooks up his personal IV of coffee).
  • Our boots. With Michigan, Ohio State, Browns, Reds, Patriots, Bengals, and Steelers fans all in two offices, the sports talk gets pretty deep around here.
  • The Loveland refrigerated water jug. Oh wait, that’s never full because Nick Selhorst never fills it back up.

Goub, hope you didn’t develop a concussion from the falling bottles of BBQ sauce and containers of dried-out, leftover pizza-we’ve all experienced “Refrigerator Tetris.” Even Tony complains about the lack of space in the fridge when there’s too much of that “crap” Bud Light and not enough room for his “fancy” craft brews.