Inquiring Mindsets

Inquiring Mindsets

Inquiring Mindsets* want to know:
“What is your favorite Choice One Canteen snack?”

 Nick Selhorst, Coffee Sampler
“Starburst, but only the red and pink ones. I secretly feed the yellow and orange ones to Schmidty.”

 Jeff Kunk, Doughnut Non-Buyer
“I only eat food from the Canteen when it’s expired and Barney puts it out for free.”

 Brian “Barney” Barhorst, Sidney Canteen Manager
“I don’t buy my own product because it would eat into my profits.”

Brian “Schmidty” Schmidt, Loveland Canteen Manager
“Pop-Tarts, which are both sweet and healthy. But only when yellow and orange Starbursts stop magically appearing on my desk.”