Power Up

Power Up

Wes Wolters:
“Schmidty had a case of the Mondays and needed some caffeine.”


Hmmm, looks like it wasn’t a case of the Mondays that Schmidty had, but rather a case of the Mt. Dews*. Understandable—some days you just need a boost. And, apparently, some days you need a few cases of boosts.

We get why Schmidty is looking for a little extra energy. In addition to designing bridges, Brian “Schmidty” Schmidt manages utility projects like storm, water, and sanitary replacements. So without getting TOO graphic, spending his day watching a video and looking for problem areas inside of a sanitary sewer might make him, well, pooped.

Schmidty, we hope the case of Mt. Dew helped (not to mention that backup 12-pack of Big Red). We won’t judge your caffeine consumption as long as you continue to buy doughnuts for us (unlike He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named) and take us with you to Burger King. P.S., Orange Fanta is caffeine free—you don’t need to waste your time drinking that 12-pack next time.

*Is it a coincidence that Mt. Dew’s color scheme includes Choice One green? We think not.