Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure

Josh Turton, Redi-Rock:
“Best decoration in my house…”

Mr. Turton won the Longest Beard Competition at Wednesday night’s lumberjack-themed Choice One Charity Cup in Loveland, which earned him quite a trophy (that unintentionally kind of looks like him). And when he got home, that special trophy went straight to a place of honor in his house, as it should. So ignore the beautiful wedding day photo on his mantle and just zero in on that striking Longest Beard trophy, and you’ll quickly see that Josh is right.
We know that Josh has been growing his beard for many years thanks to the photographic evidence of Charity Cups past. With his powerful beard vibes, it seems that Josh has been able to read our collective minds years in advance to know that in 2019 we would hold a lumberjack-themed event complete with a longest beard contest. And Josh decided to step up and deliver quite impressively.

Seeing Josh’s commitment to a cause, then, helps us understand how our friends crushed our $10,000 goal and collected $10,870 for Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank Wednesday night. Then we had an EXTREMELY generous anonymous donor contribute a match which brought the total support to $21,740. Seriously. We are blown away by all of this incredible generosity.

It’s kind of hard to find the right words to describe Josh’s amazing beard (not to mention his taste in home décor), but it’s exponentially harder to find the words to describe our gratefulness for those who are supporting this deserving organization. So even though our words will fall short, we are still going to say them with a bolded, underlined, all caps font–from the very bottom of all of our Choice One hearts: THANK YOU!

P.S. The winner of the Charity Cup bucketball tournament was the team from the Village of Blanchester (l-r John Carman, Ram Reddy, Reilly Hopkins, and COEC’s Mike Goettemoeller). Congrats!