Michael Seeger:
“Soooo…. which photo has the faces swapped and which is the original?”


Ever dreamed of being an engineer at Choice One? (Wait, that’s not on your bucket list?) Well, our friend Josh Turton, with Redi-Rock, clearly feels that even just looking like a Choice One engineer is a worthy venture. We’re not sure how long ago he started growing his beard, but as you can see, Josh (in purple), has nearly achieved twindom with Choice One’s Mike Goettemoeller. Josh has honed his looks so closely to Mike G.’s that when we digitally swapped their faces during the Loveland Charity Cup event, Michael Seeger couldn’t tell which was the face-swapped photo. (We’re kind of wondering if Josh and Mike G. can even tell…)

Josh, we appreciate your dedication to looking like a Choice Oner. Here are a few extra tips to help you out:

  • Get super nerdy. Calculator holster and pocket protector not optional (if someone hasn’t already gotten rid of pockets, of course).
  • Get crazy clumsy—spill coffeefall down, etc.
  • Get ridiculously excited about culverts, sewer systems, dirt moving, and all things traffic engineering. (See also “Get super nerdy.”)
  • Wear green (duh).

If you want to see more of Mike G. and Josh hanging around, looking similar, then check out all of the fist-pumping, high-fiving action in the Loveland Charity Cup video(Josh gives high-fives all around at about 52 seconds). And if gents out there want to start growing a beard to make these nearly identical twins a set of triplets, you had better start now: the Sidney Charity Cup event will be held March 28, 2018!

P.S. In case you were wondering, the photo on the right is the photo with Mike’s and Josh’s faces swapped.