Two Pairs, Four Pairs, Six Pairs, Accountant!

Two Pairs, Four Pairs, Six Pairs, Accountant!

Adam Gill:
“How many pairs of glasses does it take to be an accountant, Caray?”


Six. It takes six.


It’s mid-January, and that means closing the books on 2020 and preparing for tax season for our accounting team, Caray Schmiesing and Holly Fannon. We knew that Caray sometimes needs multiple cars to jump start her car and multiple boxes to serve as briefcases, we now know that she needs multiple (i.e. six) pairs of glasses to deal with this hectic time of year.


It’s good that Caray keeps “a few” spares at her desk and we should all probably take note of her preparedness. Just like how Megan keeps spare bags of Doritosin her car. And how we keep a spare, Second Bertke around here in case we misplace one. And in the same vein, we have about three too many spare Jeffs.


Hang in there, Caray. The end of tax season in April is only about nine more pairs of glasses away!