Second Fiddle

Second Fiddle

Nick Sanders:
“Allen, be sure that Jake understands right away that he’s the ‘Other Bertke.’”

Surely you’re all shocked to hear that we have a new employee with an old name. Allen Bertke (left), meet Jake Bertke (right). On his first day at Choice One, Jake boldly declared that he might be the most distinguished Bertke in the company. And then Nick swiftly crushed Jake’s dream by prompting Allen to defend his status as the First Bertke of Choice One.

Aside from his last name, our new engineer Jake already has a few things in common with us at Choice One. For instance, he originally hails from Maria Stein like Tyler, Mitch, and Casey. He has a twin brother like Allan Heitbrink. He enjoys horseback riding like Kaye, Lexy, and Jeff Kunk. And most importantly, he looks good in green (although really, who doesn’t around here?).

So welcome Jake, it seems like you’ll fit right in. Hope you don’t mind being relegated to the Second Bertke. At least you have a unique first name… For now.

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