Bank Shot

Bank Shot

Matt Hoying:
“You’re planning on flying the whole company over to Spain for Christmas, right Ryan?”


Believe it or not, the routinely clumsy, ungraceful folks at Choice One have a legit professional athlete in our midst. Recent Ohio Northern University grad and Choice One employee Ryan Bruns is on his way to play professional basketball for team Aquimisa Carbajosa in Salamance, Spain. Since Choice One and ONU have pretty much taught Ryan everything he knows (although Choice One has nothing to do with any athletic abilities, obviously), we’re pretty proud of Ryan and are excited to watch him succeed on the court overseas.

Disappointingly, Ryan hasn’t formally offered to fly us all to Spain (yet). We can only deduce that he’s afraid that we’ll somehow embarrass him. As if! What could he possibly be concerned about? That some of our engineers would never make it to his games because they would get caught up admiring the hundreds of roundabouts in Spain? That we’d somehow show up his professional teammates with our remarkable basketball skills? Or, worst of all, we would convince his team to dress in green and purple instead of their traditional orange and red?!

Ryan, we would NEVER embarrass one of our own, so enjoy your time overseas without cause for worry. We’ll stay back here in Ohio—a safe 4,000 miles away—while you experience the world. Just try not to forget about us. We’ll be sure to keep our calendars open over Christmas this year. Feliz Navidad!

P.S. There’s another couple of Choice Oners in Europe right now: Tony and Joan Schroeder are on their 25th Choice One Anniversary trip: another bicycle adventure! This time they’re pedaling from Zurich, Switzerland, to Budapest, Hungary. Follow their travels at