A Household Name

A Household Name

Nick Selhorst:
“I bet Matt’s parents were confused.”

Every week or so Brittany writes a fun question on our break area whiteboard to help us learn more about each other and to have a little fun. We felt this one solicited quite a few entertaining answers (and at least one eye roll…).

So how did Choice One itself get named? Back in 1994, the original founders and owners didn’t want to use their last names for the new company, as they planned to add more owners as the company grew. (What foresight!). So, as the legend goes, the founders wanted something positioned at the beginning of the alphabet, because, you know, the Yellow Pages still mattered then. (What foresight?)

Brittany, maybe next week you can ask a follow-up question on the whiteboard: Why didn’t your parents name you something else? Didn’t they know that you’d work for Choice One someday and we’d have too many Jeffs, Allan/Allens, Nicks, Craigs, Brians, Ryans, and Michaels?

P.S. Don’t forget that we’re approaching the Sidney-area Choice One Charity Cup–join us March 28 for an evening of fun!